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Are mobile phone apps becoming extinct?

6 years ago No comments

Over the last 10 years, the desire for businesses to create their own mobile phone apps is still high. But why? Will the mobile phone app become as extinct as the dinosaurs?

Tap2Tag Could Prevent Counterfeiting in the Fashion Industry

6 years ago No comments

Counterfeiting in the fashion industry is costing BILLIONS. We can wipe this out with an innovation to our acclaimed Tap2Tag technology.

Tap2Tag Needs You

6 years ago 3 comments

Tap2Tag needs your help to spread the word. So we need you to help us contact every Ambulance trust in the UK so that they are aware of what the Tap2Tag Medical Alert system does for you.

The Tap2Tag Plus saves a life

6 years ago No comments


This Sunday, 17 June 2018, Tap2Tag received a phone call from a care facility. The facility had recently purchased several devices and had never used them before.

A resident was missing.

At Tap2Tag, we know the Plus device prevents crisis every day. We often hear from clients who have used the device to find a wandering family member. We rarely have to intervene because the device prevents tragedy in the early stages.

Our staff member, Mike, determined that two of the devices had been switched. The perimeter function had not yet been set. This would have alerted caregivers that a resident had left the area.

Mike logged into the Tap2Tag Smart iRIS app and found the Plus device registered to the facility. The resident was travelling through Toronto’s subway system. He alerted the care facility.

Soon after, Toronto police officers downloaded the Tap2Tag Tracking app. They used it to track the resident as she travelled on public transit. They even shut down the subway to ensure her safe return.

The resident was found and treated for minor dehydration. Mike stayed in contact with the facility until police returned with the resident.

We are proud that the Tap2Tag Plus was instrumental in preventing a tragedy.

To learn more about the Tap2Tag Plus, visit us at

You can also contact us at +1-866-670-6810 or

Thanks to all those who opted-in

6 years ago No comments

A big thank you to all off our subscribers who have taken the time to read our many "annoying" emails over the last few weeks regarding the General Data Protection Regulations ("GDPR"). We know that you have been bombarded with these emails over the last few weeks. On Thursday 24 May we had over 25 GDPR emails alone!

You can still added or update your information by clicking here. We know how important it is to keep your privacy and information safe and these new regulations are an important part of regulating every industry.

So let's get cracking. We have some very exciting innovations we are working on and would love to bring you on our journey.

Something new is coming

6 years ago No comments

Anyone who has been with us on our journey over the last four years know that we have continued to upgrade everything from our product to our software. In fact it's the software that makes things tick behind the scenes has been the most dramatic change. Additional functionality and added security means that your Tap2Tag information is the most versatile and secure system in the WORLD.

Innovation runs through our veins and we have always been working towards a plan that will help connect people. For me it is like having a huge sigh of relief as our road map over the next two years has really come together.

Five years ago, when the Tap2Tag software was being developed, I was on a family holiday in Egypt. Each day, my wife and sons, would be settled around the pool, soaking in the sun. Someone would then pipe up, "Time for a meeting?" So all of us would head into the pool and start discussing what we wanted Tap2Tag to achieve. As it has been four years since we launched Tap2Tag it has taken us some time to get to the point where some of those objectives are now scheduled to be delivered. Our medical alert system is the best and most inexpensive system available. That was a core part of our mission.

Connect was launched in October 2017 and is starting to take off and this is one area we are casting our focus over the coming months to ensure that it offers all of the potential that we envisaged when we started the development process. But there will be some significant changes coming soon. So stay tuned. If you want to be kept up-to-date with our news letters then sign up for updates by clicking here. Make sure you opt in to the Email marketing as we cannot contact you without this box being ticked.

Add come comments below if there are any innovations you would like us to incorporate.