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Notifying Emergency Contacts

Notifying Emergency Contacts
5 years ago No comments

We have been in the Tap2Tag Innovation Shed for a few weeks now coming up with another unique function for your Tap2Tag Medical Alert profiles.


A new button at the bottom of a tapped Medical Alert profile will be appearing at the bottom of the screen labelled "Notify Emergency Contacts". A first responder or paramedic can press this button and allow them to send a message to your emergency contacts. The message will be sent automatically to those contacts based on whether you have ticked the SMS alert and/or the email alert options.


There is room for just 240 characters in the message box but it will allow the paramedic to let you know the status of the patient, where they are taking them and, more importantly, give you peace of mind. There will be at least one contact reference (email or telephone number). If the paramedic has allowed location services to be permitted, it will also share a link to Google Maps showing exactly where the message was sent from.

 Notify Emergency contacts pop up

This facility will also be available soon for Pet Profiles too. The availability of this new function within the Medical Alert system is only for those who have a subcription for their Medical Alert profile. As it only costs £20.00 per year for the service you may want to consider upgrading your profile to benefit from this amazing new addition to the functionality of Tap2Tag.