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Announcing the Tap2Tag Smart Band Adapter (Adder)

Announcing the Tap2Tag Smart Band Adapter (Adder)
5 years ago 3 comments

We are excited to announce the Tap2Tag Smart Band Adapter (the "Adder") for Medical Alert.

A small device with flexible and expandable straps making it easy to attach to your favourite wristwatch or wristband. Inside the device is a removable chip with a unique device code and QR code (which leads to the linked medical alert profile). The Adder can be scanned, just like all of our other medical alert products, using the power of Near Field Communication (or "NFC"). It's a innovative and smart solution that allows you to "add" your medical alert information to your existing watch of choice. It easily fits onto an iWatch, Garmin or FitBit as well as regular watches.

So why have we created this product?


Not everyone wants to wear wristbands, jewellery or other devices that are only for the purpose of Medical Alert. Wearing your favourite wristwatch on one wrist and a Medical Alert wristband on the other can be a hassle. Those days are over...It's an ideal addition to any of the fitness trackers on the market today.


How would a paramedic know this device is a medical alert device?


A paramedic on arrival goes through the process of A-B-Cs of first aid, Airways, Breathing and Circulation. These functions help stabilise anyone in a medical emergency. There is a fouth element, Data and Diagnosis and it's this part of first aid training where Tap2Tag Medical Alert comes into its own. First responders are trained to look for medical alert devices on the wrist and neckline. The clear symbol of the Rod of Asclepius (the snake and serpent) is an internationally recognised symbol for medicine and each of our medical alert devices carry that symbol. We also include a "pulse" on the Asclepius that is also a recofnised sign for NFC.


Most Tap2Tag customers use the service to maintain their own medical records. Even in an emergency situation either the patient or those with them are fully aware as to how the information can be accessed and shown to a paramedic. And awareness throughout the UK is spreading fast with many hospitals now distributing our Tap2Tag devices to patients.

Richard Holder 5 years ago at 09:38
Love one of these to try
As already into tap to tag
Peter Lacey 5 years ago at 18:23
Would love to try, have all your products so far.
Kevin Lennard 5 years ago at 16:15
I would love to try one of these