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Notifying Emergency Contacts

By Tap2Tag 2 months ago 398 Views No comments

Your Tap2Tag Medical Profile now has an amazing option for paramedics and first responders to message your next on kin.

Announcing the Tap2Tag Smart Band Adapter (Adder)

By Tap2Tag 3 months ago 1164 Views 3 comments
We are excited to announce the Tap2Tag Smart Band Adapter (Adder) for Medical Alert. A small device with flexible and expandable straps making it easy to attach to your favourite wrist-watch or wristband. Inside the device is a removable chip with a unique device code and QR code (which leads to the linked medical alert profile)


What is the Tap2Tag Toggle?

By Tap2Tag 3 months ago 7716 Views No comments

Have you every given out your business card and wondered who it was? The Tap2Tag Digital Connect Card allows you to obtain information on the people who ask for your business card. It's all about saving time.

Working with charities

By Chris Ford 4 months ago 455 Views 4 comments

Tap2Tag is aiming to help those charities working in areas where we believe our products are particularly vital.

Sign up to our Leaflet Distribution list

By Tap2Tag Marketing 5 months ago 462 Views No comments

Sign up to our leaflet distribution list!

The amount of support from the Tap2Tag community has been overwhelming, users have shared their experience with Tap2Tag via social media, friends/family and group meetings. We want to give an opportunity for those who are passionate to spread the word about Tap2Tag, especially those working within the NHS.

Important changes to your Tap2Tag account

By Chris Ford - Founder of Tap2Tag 11 months ago 7507 Views 10 comments

Important changes to your Tap2Tag account

Are mobile phone apps becoming extinct?

By Tap2Tag 1 years ago 5111 Views No comments

Over the last 10 years, the desire for businesses to create their own mobile phone apps is still high. But why? Will the mobile phone app become as extinct as the dinosaurs?

Tap2Tag Could Prevent Counterfeiting in the Fashion Industry

By Tap2Tag 1 years ago 8324 Views No comments

Counterfeiting in the fashion industry is costing BILLIONS. We can wipe this out with an innovation to our acclaimed Tap2Tag technology.

Tap2Tag Needs You

By Tap2Tag 1 years ago 5827 Views 3 comments

Tap2Tag needs your help to spread the word. So we need you to help us contact every Ambulance trust in the UK so that they are aware of what the Tap2Tag Medical Alert system does for you.

The Tap2Tag Plus saves a life

By Tap2Tag 1 years ago 1877 Views No comments


This Sunday, 17 June 2018, Tap2Tag received a phone call from a care facility. The facility had recently purchased several devices and had never used them before.

A resident was missing.

At Tap2Tag, we know the Plus device prevents crisis every day. We often hear from clients who have used the device to find a wandering family member. We rarely have to intervene because the device prevents tragedy in the early stages.

Our staff member, Mike, determined that two of the devices had been switched. The perimeter function had not yet been set. This would have alerted caregivers that a resident had left the area.

Mike logged into the Tap2Tag Smart iRIS app and found the Plus device registered to the facility. The resident was travelling through Toronto’s subway system. He alerted the care facility.

Soon after, Toronto police officers downloaded the Tap2Tag Tracking app. They used it to track the resident as she travelled on public transit. They even shut down the subway to ensure her safe return.

The resident was found and treated for minor dehydration. Mike stayed in contact with the facility until police returned with the resident.

We are proud that the Tap2Tag Plus was instrumental in preventing a tragedy.

To learn more about the Tap2Tag Plus, visit us at

You can also contact us at +1-866-670-6810 or