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Important changes to your Tap2Tag account

Important changes to your Tap2Tag account
6 years ago 10 comments

Tap2Tag launched over four years ago and during that time we have been proud to offer the most advanced medical alert system in the world for FREE. Companies have tried copying our technology but have always had a subscription base to their service. As our customer base grows there are certain services that cost us money every time our customers use it and so we need to do something about this. We have always said that we would look to charge for some services such as SMS text alerts but with some of the innovations we have planned in the future, we need to change how we can fund these developments.


If you use the Tap2Tag Medical profile then hopefully you will agree that the amount of information that you can add is substantial. We will continue to offer the most comprehensive medical alert system in the world for FREE. However there are some services that cost us money on a growing scale and we will need to include these services as part of a subscription service. These would be for the following services.

  1. Text message and email alert service
  2. Document uploads such as patient passports, care plans, prescriptions etc
  3. And a limit of four FREE medical profiles per account (additional profiles can be added as part of a subscription)

If you would like any of these services on a profile then there will be a small annual fee. But don't worry just yet. We will be introducing this change to the profiles on the 1 September 2018. If you have an existing profile and want to keep these services on your profiles for another 60 days, for FREE, then you need to subscribe to one of the specific subscriptions that will be available on your dashboard when you log in. This will allow the profile to be used for free for 60 days and be followed by a charge on the anniversary. After the 1 September 2018 this option will not be available and if you want to retain the services above you will need to subscribe straight away.

The costs are not going to be huge. For a 12-month subscription the amounts will be

Canada - CAD35.00

USA - USD27.00

UK and the rest of the world - £20.00 per annum

Tap2Tag will remain the most affordable medical alert systems in the world and you can continue to benefit from virtually all of the services available for no additional charge. But we hope you appreciate that, where we incur costs, we need to find a way of recouping this money. It also helps us innovate new developments, which will be coming in the next 6 months.

A major update to our software will be taking effect any time from the 15 August 2018 so if you want to retain the SMS services and document uploads you must edit those respective profiles on your account and choose to subscribe BEFORE the 1 September 2018 if you want 60 days of free, continued use. After that date all SMS and email alerts will be disabled on profiles that have not chosen to subscribe and all documents included will be removed.

Denise Evans 6 years ago at 08:43
how do i subscribe as my tap to tap is so useful and puts everyone mind at rest
Tap2Tag 6 years ago at 09:40
Hi Denise,

You can subscribe by signing into your account and editing your profile, you will be prompted if you want to upgrade your account. Subscription costs £20 per annum.
Hope this helps!
Clare Parr 6 years ago at 08:58
A little confused with the 4 free profiles.
If i dont want to use the text service or add any documents how many medical profiles can i have? i have only mine but on several devices and have 2 dog tags. will this still be free? thanks
Tap2Tag 6 years ago at 09:21
Hi Clare,

You can have up to 4 free medical profiles on one account. If you don't want to use the text service or add any documents, you do not need a subscription. This is the same with your pet tags. If you do have over 4 medical profiles on your account already, you will be prompted to subscribe but isn't necessary unless you want more than 4 profiles and/or SMS and document uploads.

The pet tags on the other hand do include SMS and document uploads without the requirement for a subscription.

We will follow up with more information on social media, e-mail and the website. I hope this helps.
Linda 6 years ago at 15:21
Hi, I receive emails on behalf of a service user with Intellectual Disability in residential care. This person has epilepsy an got the T2T so they could go out independently without staff support. How much will this be in euro
Tap2Tag 6 years ago at 10:08
Hi Linda,

At the moment we only accept GBP, if you want to make a purchase, use your card and your bank should convert it for you.
Francesca 6 years ago at 15:12
Disappointing as the text alert was the main reason for getting my son his for when he is at school his band has starting showing signs of wear after only 6 months again time to look at other options I think
Tap2Tag 6 years ago at 10:04
Hi Francesca,

Unfortunately, these SMS alert messages cost us money. We have always said we would charge for SMS alerts for the past 4 years but have never went ahead with it. At this moment, for a subscription it costs only £20 a year which we think is an excellent deal compared to other medical alert subscription alternatives.

Regarding your current wristband, if you send an e-mail describing the issue to we can resolve the issue for you.
Sam 6 years ago at 05:55
I'm concerned about how safe all my personal and medical information is on the tap2tag website database. Also I've asked first responders and paramedics about tap2tag and they've never heard of it so I'm wondering what is the point of having the band.
Tap2Tag 6 years ago at 11:36
Hi Sam,

At Tap2Tag your security is our primary concern. Every profile is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) ensuring that all data remains private and integral. Additionally, you can set how accessible you want your profile information to be using our traffic light system. Each field of information in a profile has 3-4 levels of privacy. Green (viewable on tap), Yellow (only signed-in Tap2Tag profiles can view the field), Black (Private to profile owner), Red (Visible only to yourself or a medical professional). This allows each user to adjust the privacy of their information individually.

Also, spreading the word about Tap2Tag is one our main priorities. Paramedics go through the ABC's, Airway, breathing and circulation. Having a medical alert wristband is a great way to notify the paramedics that you have medical information about yourself that they can access straight away.