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Will Apple Finally Adopt NFC?

It's almost a year since Apple added support for reading NFC tags with an iPhone with their iOS 11 update. Since then there has been increased demand for NFC tags, and the Connected Things industry in general. The increase in demand for the technology and Apple's slow adoption of the technology has been a frustration, particularly for us at Tap2Tag.

The iOS 11 update didn't really live up to the hype when it launched in September 2017. Yes, NFC was included within each iPhone but you could only use this if an app was used to read the NFC tags. As GoToTags remark in their recent article, there is already an obvious native app on the iPhone that should handle tags with URLs and it's called Safari. Android devices use this method to read such tags and it makes so much sense for Apple to do the same.

Companies are using NFC as part of their "Connected Things" strategy and they are seriously looking to gear up their deployment of NFC. But there has been some reticence due to Apple's intransigence in adopting the technology. But there are signs of a sea-change.

Apple will be announcing their options for an iOS 12 update on June 4. The chatter on the newswires is that Apple will have to seriously look at opening up their NFC chip to allow "Green" scanning of NFC tags. So we have marked a date in our diary and will be watching with interest.

To read the full article from GoToTags click here.

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