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Tilly, Lost then Found

For those of you who are a fan of our Facebook Page will no doubt be aware of our little pooch, Tilly.

The weather on Saturday was glorious and Tilly was out for a walk with her family. Being such a wonderfully clear afternoon it was an opportunity for the local balloonists to venture to the skies. Unfortunately Tilly does not like hot air balloons and as soon as she heard the hot air blasters on the low altitude balloon she bolted. The area she was being walked has beautiful woodland,open spaces and covers many square miles.

Unfortunately none of the human walkers had their mobile phones with them (and neither did the dogs) so they could not call back to home for reinforcements to continue the hunt for Tilly. So mum had to head back to the car, drive home to get the rest of the family whilst the eldest son continued the hunt.

It was starting to get dark on the way back to the common when my phone started ringing. Someone had found Tilly, scanned her Tap2Tag Pet Collar and found my number. Within two minutes we were reunited with a tail-wagging Tilly, to our great relief.

And this is where our real problems started. Our 24 year old son was still hunting for Tilly in this vast common area. It took another 40 minutes to find him in the gathering gloom!

So lessons to be learnt from dog walking in wide open spaces.

1. Take a mobile phone; and

2. All dogs to wear their Tap2Tag Pet Tag (including 24 year dog walkers too)

 Tilly was none the worse for her adventure but she is only back with us because we could store multiple contact numbers on her tag and update them whenever we like. Can your pet tag do that?

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