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"I Just Couldn't Believe It"

Back in December 2015 we were contacted by a paramedic from South West Ambulance Service Trust (SWAST). Now we know that this is a while ago and we have had plenty of case studies since then, but this story reflects the power of Tap2Tag and how it saved a person's life.

The man told us that, as well as being a full blown paramedic for the NHS, he also works as a volunteer for the St John Ambulance service. As a result he often works weekends for the charity providing vital first aid cover for events needing onsite first-aiders. It was at one of these events that his story started.

"I was called to an unconscious man led on the floor. The patient's partner was screaming hysterically to those around him 'Scan his band, scan his band'. I immediately determined that the patient had no discernible pulse so I immediately called 999 to get the Blues n Twos out to the scene as soon as possible. 

The only equipment I had in the St John Ambulance was a heart rate monitor so I strapped the patient to this. It immediately became apparent that this was very serious as it was showing around 250 beats per minute. The patient was in a serious Supraventricular tachycardia (or SVT). But there was little else I could do until the fully equipped ambulance turned up. The patient's partner was still screaming 'Scan his band' so I took out my mobile phone and scanned the patient's silicone wristband.

I just couldn't believe what came up on my phone.

The patient obviously had a heart condition but he had stored so much information on his own condition it was unbelievable. He had even included a copy of his last ECG report from his consultant as a downloadable document. When the Blues 'n' Twos turned up they asked 'What have we got then?' I simply showed them my phone. It took them just 40 seconds to assimilate the information on the patient and within a couple of minutes he was in the back of the ambulance on on his way to A&E.

Now the treatment that the patient received would not have been changed but the time it took to gather the relevant data was incredible. It normally takes between 30 minutes and an hour to gather this information and would have been made more difficult as the patient's partner was so distraught. Just getting the patient's name and date of birth would have been difficult.

The time saved in getting the patient into the ambulance and off to A&E probably saved his life."

Imagine having to rely on a loved one to remember all of your medication in the event of an emergency. That's a lot of responsibility you are placing on their shoulders when they will be very distressed and worried about your health.

So we have marked this down as another life saved by Tap2Tag and at least another convert from the emergency healthcare community.

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