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How many NFC enabled phones are sold around the world?

It's a question we get asked a lot.  Apple have been very prudish about allowing the NFC chip built into their iPhone 6 & 6S to be extended to be used by other systems, including Tap2Tag.  However there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  The chip included within the iPhone 6S is different from that installed in the iPhone 6.  There’s no news yet on whether the phone maker has added support for NFC tag read/write or peer-to-peer communication modes in the devices announced in September 2015, however. NFC World has asked Apple for further clarification.

But industry insiders believe that the chip changes will mean that a change Apple's IOS will allow the iPhone 6S to work with other NFC systems.

Sales of iPhones go up and down as a new model is launched but on average Android & Windows phones (mainly Android) outsell Apple nearly 2 to 1.

This is a great website that shows worldwide sales on a month and annual basis.

As at September 2015 the figures were as follows:

UK - Android/Windows sales 61.2%, iPhone 38.3%

Germany - Android/Windows sales 81.3%, iPhone 17.5%

France - Android/Windows sales 84.6%, iPhone 16.6%

USA - Android/Windows sales 69.8%, iPhone 29.2%

And remember these figures represent sales for the new iPhone 6S.  So when you hear someone make the statement "But everyone has an iPhone" the facts don't really bear this out.

Tap2Tag does work with iPhones using Safari and entering the unique code etched onto each wristband at our emergency website  But with a little more pressure on Apple they will hopefully be updating their IOS soon to allow their 6S to be used with other services, including the London Oystercard.

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