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Help arrives for Jim

On the 8 June, Jim was in the Well Done Solutions mobility shop in Carlisle having a cup of coffee with the owner, Wayne.  Suddenly he turned his head and heard a click and then the world changed.  Jim had suddenly become paralysed from the neck down and was unable to move his arms and legs.  Jim is a wheelchair user and now he was in a position where he could not move anything, even his electric chair.

Wayne Jim and Chris Wayne, Jim and Chris Ford, founder of tap2tag

Wayne, the owner of Well Done Solutions, is a qualified first aider and immediately recognised that Jim needed assistance.  After calling 999 Wayne immediately tapped Jim's tap2tag wristband and waited for the paramedics to arrive.  The response from the Cumbrian team was amazing and were at the high street shop in minutes.  But the problem for the paramedic team was how to treat Jim who, with a potential neck injury, needed to be transferred to the ambulance.  In cases like these paramedics will sometimes administer morphine as a way of controlling pain.  Wayne had showed Jim's medical information on his own phone to one of the paramedics and he was quickly transferring the information to his admission forms.  The other paramedic was just about to administer morphine to Jim when he was stopped by the other attending member of the crew.  Jim is allergic to morphine and the resulting reaction could have been a catastrophe.

Jim's neck had seized in an unusual position.  As a result the paramedics could not apply a standard neck brace.  So they used rolled up copies of the local newspaper to slowly build up a bespoke neck collar to allow Jim's head to remain stable.

The paramedics were amazed at how quickly Jim's information was made available to them and the amount of information on his condition that could be stored on the device.  They had heard of tap2tag and this was the first time they had seen it used in a real life situation.  They were so impressed that they inadvertently took Wayne's mobile phone out of the shop as it contained the information they needed.  Wayne was able to tell them how they could access Jim's information again, simply by tapping his wristband.

Jim has made a full recovery from the incident.  The seizure was as a result of a neck spasm that temporarily paralysed him.  But he was very grateful to the team at Well Done Solutions for acting so promptly and for his tap2tag wristband.

One thought on “Help arrives for Jim”

  • andria tinto

    I have a Tap2tag wristband from well done solutions.I feel better knowing that if anything happens the paramedics will know all my details, of kin.doctors and allergies---Thanks Wayne your a legend Glad to see Jim is ok now
    I have told many of my friends and even strangers about Tap2tag

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