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Tap2Tag K1 Medical Alert Bracelet

Quick Overview

 Our new Tap2Tag K1 medical alert bracelet has all of the features of one of our traditional silicone wristbands but now comes with a stylish sterling silver design. 

The new Tap2Tag medical alert wristband uses NFC technology to allow paramedics and other health professionals get access to your medical information quickly and efficiently. It can also be used with any device that has access to the internet, anywhere in the world. If you are thinking of an upgrade or have just been waiting for a more stylish form of medical alert device then this is the wristband for you.

It has an adjustable cord that allows it to fit over the knuckles with a 270mm clearance and can fit a wrist as small as 155mm in circumference. Disc measures 35mm x 23mm.


sku: CA-MA-BAND-K1

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The new Tap2Tag K1 Medical wristband comes with an adjustable cord strap that can fit over the knuckles of someone with a 270mm circumference and reduce in size around the wrist at 155mm circumference.  The best way to work out what is the best size for you is to get a piece of string or flexible measuring tape and measure around your wrist.  If you are looking for 'casual' wear then choose a band slightly larger than your own wrist measurement.  If you want the snug and sporty look then choose a size slightly smaller.  The wristbands are great for wearing during sporting activities and extreme sports.  Make sure you buy a band that is comfortable and will be a comfortable fit in the place you want to wear it.  For instance you may want a larger band to fit over a wet suit if you are scuba diving or surfing in the chilly waters in Cornwall. 


We have kept the colour combination simple. There is the black logo on a white background or white logo on a black background. The discs are printed and then coated for increased durability.


Technical information

The wristbands contain an NXP NTAG203 chip (168 bytes).  The chips are locked to prevent over-writing of the information.  Any attempt to over write the data will invalidate the data and make the wristband inactive.  The wristbands have no internal source of power and rely on the NFC data transfer abilities of an NFC enabled device to access the information on the chip.



Our new Tap2Tag K1 design of wristband includes a sterling silver surround that has been cast. Instructions on the metal casing have been debossed to ensure durabilty as part of the mold  The front of the band shows the medical staff and serpent together with the Tap2Tag logo and NFC scan "pulse".  The words "SCAN WITH NFC OR SEE REVERSE" are also debossed into the molding.  On the reverse of the band is the phrase "ENTER 9 LETTER CODE AT WWW.TAP2.ME".  The code is now printed on the disc. 


The wristbands are tough, really tough.  The adjustable cord used to secure the bracelet is made from mountaineering grade cord. As a result it will be very VERY difficult to break.


Suggested uses

Anyone with a medical condition, allergy or who may need to advise healthcare professionals of particular medications they are taking should consider wearing a wristband.  However anyone undertaking a sport (subject to the regulations of that sport) should consider whether the use of a Tap2Tag Medical would assist paramedics in the event of an emergency.  Details such as your full name, address and emergency contacts may be stored on the device even if you have no known medical problems.  We have considered many possible uses of the devices including those who

  • have allergies to
    • nuts
    • penicillin
    • bee stings...and more
  • have a medical condition such as 
    • having a pacemaker
    • heart problem
    • asthma
    • high/low blood pressure
    • epilepsy
    • implants
    • dementia...and more
  • taking medication (both prescribed and 'over the counter')
  • are involved with sports and activities such as
    • scuba diving
    • surfing
    • wind surfing
    • mountain biking
    • orienteering
    • fell running
    • marathon running
    • cycling
    • motor cycling
    • BMX
    • jogging
    • Ten tours
    • Duke of Edinburgh Award participants
    • scouts
    • ramblers
    • hiking
    • swimming
    • tri-athelon
    • running in general
    • mountaineering
    • football
    • hockey
    • netball
    • golf
    • tennis
    • skiing
    • snow boarding
    • cross country skiing
  • anyone with a care plan or hospital passport. You can now store documents within your profile that can be downloaded by first responders when they access your medical information


We suggest that anyone with a hidden medical condition, rare blood type or just want to be able to tell people who to contact in the case of an emergency should have a medical device.  The Tap2Tag Medical wristband provides a simple, cost effective, durable and extensive method of meeting your medical requirements.

Wristband Size (circumference) Variable
Tag Use Medical Alert

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