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Tap2Tag Key fob NFC and QR code (V2) - NO SUBSCRIPTION

Quick Overview

Our new Medical Alert Key Fob with NFC and QR code technology.

The Tap2Tag medical alert key fob uses NFC and QR code technology to allow paramedics and other health professionals get access to your medical information quickly and efficiently. It can also be used with any device that has access to the internet, anywhere in the world.  It's just brilliant.




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The new epoxy resin key fob is here in a combination of black, blue and red.


Technical information

The wristbands contain an NXP NTAG203 chip (168 bytes).  The chips are locked to prevent over-writing of the information.  Any attempt to over write the data will invalidate the data and make the wristband inactive.  The wristbands have no internal source of power and rely on the NFC data transfer abilities of an NFC enabled device to access the information on the chip.



Our new design of key fob is now more durable than ever including an epoxy resin coating.  The front clearly indicates that this is an emergency key fob with a clear, red medical symbol of the snake and serpent.  In addition there is a unique QR code that links to the same medical information as the internal chip. The words "EMERGENCY MEDICAL INFORMATION" is also printed on the front of the fob.  On the reverse of the band is the phrase "ENTER [CODE] AT WWW.TAP2.ME".   

These key fobs are tough, really tough.  Completelly waterproof and with a clear epoxy resin covering they will ensure the durability of the fob for a long, long time.

Suggested uses

Anyone with a medical condition, allergy or who may need to advise healthcare professionals of particular medications they are taking should consider wearing a wristband.  However anyone undertaking a sport (subject to the regulations of that sport) should consider whether the use of a Tap2Tag Medical would assist paramedics in the event of an emergency.  Details such as your full name, address and emergency contacts may be stored on the device even if you have no known medical problems.  We have considered many possible uses of the devices including those who

  • have allergies to
    • nuts
    • penicillin
    • bee stings...and more
  • have a medical condition such as 
    • having a pacemaker
    • heart problem
    • asthma
    • high/low blood pressure
    • epilepsy
    • implants
    • dementia...and more
  • taking medication (both prescribed and 'over the counter')
  • are involved with sports and activities such as
    • scuba diving
    • surfing
    • wind surfing
    • mountain biking
    • orienteering
    • fell running
    • marathon running
    • cycling
    • motor cycling
    • BMX
    • jogging
    • Ten tours
    • Duke of Edinburgh Award participants
    • scouts
    • ramblers
    • hiking
    • swimming
    • tri-athelon
    • running in general
    • mountaineering
    • football
    • hockey
    • netball
    • golf
    • tennis
    • skiing
    • snow boarding
    • cross country skiing

We suggest that anyone with a hidden medical condition, rare blood type or just want to be able to tell people who to contact in the case of an emergency should have a medical device.  The Tap2Tag Medical key fob provides a simple, cost effective, durable and extensive method of meeting your medical requirements.

Wristband Size (circumference) Variable
Tag Use Medical Alert

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Tap2Tag Key fob NFC and QR code (V2) - NO SUBSCRIPTION