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Welcome to the Traffic Light System


Over the last few months we have been busy developing another major upgrade to the Tap2Tag software. We've called it the Traffic Light System and it will enable you to control virtually every field on your medical profile and determine who sees that information in an emergency.

Currently there are two "states" of information shown to a first responder, the public profile and the private profile. When a first responder taps your device they see information called the public profile and is limited in its content. Once the tapper has logged in they then see more detailed information about your medical condition called the private profile.

After listening to our customers we feel that this new Traffic Light System is a significant improvement in safeguarding your information but also giving you so much more control over who sees what and when.

You will be able to choose how each field of information will be treated when a person taps your device. We have colour coded and used different shapes (to help those with colour blindness) to signify each category. So here is what they all mean.

GREEN TRIANGLE - The data in this field will be shown on the Public Profile when a Tapper first interacts with your Tap2Tag device. If you want your Inoculations to be shown of the Public Profile page then you can change the setting to a Green Triangle.

AMBER SQUARE - This information will be shown only after someone has created a Tap2Tag account and logged in. This then creates a Tagging Log where you can see who has accessed your information. Only people with validated email accounts or who have created an account with any of the Social Media buttons (as these are already pre-validated) can see this information.

RED CROSS - Only medical personnel can see this information. In the UK this will be limited to people working for the NHS using their NHS email account to set up a Tap2Tag account. In other countries around the world we will be building a "White List" of bodies who are bound by the same data protection requirements. A list of those included on the White List will be provided on the Tap2Tag website as they are vetted.

BLACK PADLOCK - There are some pieces of information that only you want to be able to see. Any data field with the Black Padlock will only be seen by you when accessing your medical profile using your own account.


By giving you control over your own medical information and allowing you to decide who sees it, we feel this is a major step forward in allowing patients to control their own medical information. However it also forms the foundation for integrating Tap2Tag into any primary health record such as a hospital or GP's practice.



We will be launching this new system in early January 2017. You need to do nothing more with your Tap2Tag. You will just notice the changes the next time your log in.

We also welcome your feedback. Just add a reply in the boxes below and let us know what you think. If you really like it then give us a review on our Facebook page ( or on our main website.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Traffic Light System”

  • JIM Bailey

    Hi Chris it Jim Bailey you may remember me from well done solutions in CARLISLE I would like to able to try your new system out as I believe it to be a great asset to me

  • Tracey Griffin

    I'm getting fed up of mine now, considering taking it off and buying something new. 11 seizures in less than a week and no one can still active it, had it since July last year and thought "that's great for me, being young and wearing something that looked normal" but it hasn't given me any peace of mind. And medical staff are baffled by it. Not a happy person and won't be recommending it to anyone soon

    • Tap2Tag

      Hi Tracey

      Sorry to hear about your experiences with the medical profession. Anything new takes time to get out into the mainstream and we are seriously working on it.

      Please don't lose faith in the product just yet.

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