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Launching the Tap2Tag+/Pebbell+

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new collaborative product called Tap2Tag+ (Pebbell+ in the UK and Europe). The Tap2Tag+ is an amazing little device that is compact GPS tracking and SOS device that now incorporates Tap2Tag Medical Alert.

For those who have elderly mum or dad living an independent life in their own home you may have come across the pendant and alarm system. This is where someone wears a pendant around their neck and, if they need help, they press the pendant. This is connected to a box in the home that in turn is connected to their telephone line. When the button is pressed the "box" calls a care line facility and the operator can talk via the "box" in the room. However this is only effective if the person is actually in the room where the box is situated. If they have a fall in the kitchen and are conscious enough to press the button, there is little chance of the operator or patient being able to hear each other.

One question has always been asked "What happens when mum goes shopping and needs help?"

The Tap2Tag+ solves this problem and many more besides. Think of the Tap2Tag+ as a mini mobile phone that has a range of very interesting features that provides added protection for your loved one. Here are just some of the key features

1. Fall detection

2. GPS tracking and location

3. Text alerts to next of kin including links to their location

4. Geo-fencing (this means that if a person goes outside of a specified area and alert is triggered (available at a small monthly cost)

5. Completely waterproof (can be worn in the shower)

6. You can make calls to it as it has its own telephone number

Tap2Tag Pebbell with phone - greenFall detection

We know from personal experience the devastation that can be caused when an elderly member of the family has a fall in the home. Without immediate care their condition can deteriorate very quickly. The Tap2Tag+ has a fall detection gizmo built into it that detects when the device has experienced a rapid movement. If someone has a fall the Tap2Tag+ knows what has happened. After 10 seconds it will automatically contact the emergency contacts programmed into the device and tell them that the person has had a fall. It also sends the GPS co-ordinates of the wearer with a link to a map to show exactly where your loved one is located. Even if mum has a fall and is unconscious, her loved ones will know and be able to act accordingly.

The fall alert is an ideal safeguard for elderly people but will be of particular interest to those suffering from epilepsy or those with a physical handicap.

There are 10 levels of sensitivity built into the Tap2Tag+ fall detection that you can set yourself.

What happens if the device is dropped by accident? No problem. The device starts beeping for its 10 second countdown before sending out the alerts. Just pick the device up and press the central button to cancel the alert.

GPS tracking and location

One question we have been asked about our wristbands is "Does it have a GPS locator?" Our existing devices do not have any power so a GPS location system has been out of the question. But the Tap2Tag+ now has the ability.

If your loved one has a Tap2Tag+ you can locate the device at any time simply by sending a SMS text message to the device. You then receive a message back automatically with a link to a map showing exactly where the device is located. You can also sign up for the real time tracking service that shows where the device has been.

The Tap2Tag+ comes with a roaming SIM built into the device. This means that it works virtually anywhere in the world allowing you to locate your loved one by using a simple text message.

Text alerts and links to location

As a simple alert device it works extremely well. If your loved one is in trouble and needs help they simply press the central button. This immediately sends a text message to the next of kin telephone numbers that you have programmed into the device including a link to their location. It then automatically calls the first person on the emergency list to start a telephone call. If that person does not answer it can move on to the next number on the list.

For those who have a home care line already in place you can programme the emergency contact to be that of your care provider giving you 24/7 emergency care from a human operator. If this is of interest to you then please email us at where we can give you some recommendations for tele-health providers.

Geo-fenMum with Pebbell - lowcing

Alzheimer's disease and dementia are both becoming a part of our lives with an ageing population. Allowing people to continue to live at home with dignity also needs to be provided with certain safeguards. With the Tap2Tag+ you can also sign up for a full tracking system that also includes geo-fencing. Geo-fencing allows you to "draw" a virtual barrier around a location such a person's home. If the Tap2Tag+ ventures outside of that area it immediately sends an alert to the emergency contacts. It is ideal for those loved ones with Alzheimer's and dementia.

Tap2Tag Medical Alert

And now this amazing device has Tap2Tag Medical Alert built in too! In the back of the device is a tiny chip, similar to those used in our medical alert wristbands, fobs and cards. In an emergency the paramedics can simply scan the back of the Tap2Tag+ to gain access to the emergency medical information. It also has the backup instructions to access the information through any other internet enabled device.

HoIP Telecom

HoIP Telecom are the primary developers of this clever piece of technology. We have teamed up with HoIP to develop the only mobile alert device that also includes medical information of the wearer. The company have already been selling their Pebbell in the UK and Europe and the device is well known throughout the NHS. Around 20,000 products have already been sold. The introduction of Tap2Tag into their devices is a major step forward in healthcare. In the UK and Europe the device will be sold as the Pebbell+. In North America, Australia, the Middle East and South Africa it will be known as the Tap2Tag+.

Prices for the Pebbell+/Tap2Tag+ will be around £168.00 (inc VAT). As this is effectively a mobile phone there is a small monthly cost of £3 per month plus call and SMS charges. On average these call charges are less than £2 per month.

We expect the Tap2Tag+/Pebbell+ to be launched at the end of August 2016 but you can pre-order one of these devices now by visiting our shop. Choose between blue, pink, green or black.

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