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This is why we created Tap2Tag

We love talking to our customers...It's what makes any good business tick. But if you know anything about Tap2Tag then you will know that it can have a dramatic effect on their lives too. We didn't aim to change the world but our little wristbands are changing the lives of people, one world at a time.

I received an email today from a lovely lady. She gave us permission to reproduce it here so that she could convey exactly what Tap2Tag has done for her.

"Hi Chris

I hope you don't mind me emailing you , but I just wanted to thank Tap2Tag for the impact that this small bracelet has had on me and my life!....

I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy following two big/ dangerous seizures. This not only knocked my confidence, but made me scared to go anywhere on my own leaving me dependent, isolated and very upset.

Since I have had my bracket I have not thought twice about going out on my own, I do everything that I used to do and my life is starting to go back to normal- and this is all thanks to Tap2Tag. Just knowing that people would be able to get information about my condition and the best way to help me if anything happens has really put my mind at ease! It has also had a big positive impact on my parents and family who were constantly worried that something would happen to me, and no one would be able to help! Now they worry less, as they know that they would be informed if anything were to happen and they can still help.

I am currently on a train on the way to see a friend for the day in Wales- something a few months ago I would have been too scared to do alone !

Just wanted tap2tag to be aware of the difference that they have made for me and my family!"

It left me with a lump in my throat when I read this email. Perhaps you can understand those feelings in your own life. Many people have told us that Tap2Tag is bringing peace of mind to them and their family and, until you read something like this, only then can you  see the impact it can have.

We take so many things for granted in our lives. But when a major, life-changing event occurs we just do not know how we would cope. Becoming epileptic and having to deal with the consequences of such a condition is just one of those events. Being able to feel "normal" again and do normal things seems such a small desire but for many this just is not possible. But as this lady has shown, it is often the small things that can have a dramatic impact.


One thought on “This is why we created Tap2Tag”


    I have epilepsy and following a fit at a train station I was a releif to find out when I came round the paramedic's had done what it says on my Tap-Tagwristband. My sister came out and took me home.
    Thankyou Tap2Tag.

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