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Working with Telefonica/O2

On the 23 February 2016 we met with the Healthcare Team of Telefonica (owners of O2) to show them our Tap2Tag medical alert system. We were lucky that the head of the team had seen the product on Dragons' Den and invited us along to show the rest of the team.  Having been allotted 30 minutes to "pitch" the product to the dozen members we were finally "released" after 80 minutes had passed by.

The Healthcare Division of Telefonica works with many businesses around the UK including NHS England and other supporting businesses to the NHS.  As a result they have some great contacts that can help us make healthcare professionals within the NHS more aware of the product.  In fact the division is geared towards enhancing customer focus of other products and services that may be of benefit to business and personal customers alike.

Having spoken with the Head of Healthcare, Alex Walter, yesterday he is pleased to add Tap2Tag into the discussion forum that his team members have with other businesses around the UK.  It is almost like a "partnership" whereby Telefonica/O2 can actively promote businesses within healthcare that they like and can see a fit with their own customer base.  For Tap2Tag it means that we have an extended sales teams out there in some critical markets that can help us promote the technology and the brand.

This is a fabulous opportunity for us and also a relationship that will hopefully grow over the next 12 months.

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