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Stacey's Story

Mazie's showing off her Tap2Tag device Mazie's showing off her Tap2Tag device

Last year we reported the case of Mazie, a 5 year old little girl who ate some poison berries, despite having a rare medical condition called Reflux Anonix Seizures   Mazie's story can be seen by clicking here.

We caught up with Mazie's mum, Stacey, to see how she was getting on with tap2tag.  Her story was amazing and heart warming.  After filming Stacey we realised just how important this little device is having such a real and positive affect on people's lives.

Stacey said "It's just the peace of mind.  When I'm not with her, her tap2tag is.  It's doing the talking that I would potentially do in a crisis, it's doing it for me."

Stacey is just one of the 1,000 plus customers who are benefiting from the security that tap2tag is adding to their lives, especially when they are looking after the medical needs of others.

You can see Stacey's video by clicking below.

Stacey was not paid for this video.  We are proud to be associated with a product where individuals are willing to give their own time to promote it with the aim that it may benefit the lives of others.  Our customers are our largest sales force who routinely visit hospitals, medical centres and doctors' surgeries to promote tap2tag.  They do this willingly and with no demand for payment or recompense.

Tap2Tag is changing the lives of those at risk.

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