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Why should I add a picture to my medical profile?

As more and more customers are setting up their tap2tag medical profiles we just wanted to help a few people out about what is good practice when completing your medical profile.  Remember, when a first responder comes across a tap2tag device, one of the first questions they will ask themselves is "Does this medical information relate to the person in front of me?"

So putting your picture into the medical profile is important.  In fact there are very few medical alert systems out there that offer this facility and it's why the healthcare professionals love our system so much.

So if you have one of our devices load up an image of yourself.

Periodically we check the public profiles set up by our customers just to see if they are presenting their information in the best way.  This includes checking the image and also the public message box.  REMEMBER we can not see your personal detailed information.

Politicians and their imagesSome customers have chosen not to include a picture.  At the end of the day our system is all about choice but hopefully you can see why this might be important in an emergency.  Others have chosen to put up an image of an animal or a movie star.  This is not going to be too helpful to paramedics who think they are now dealing with a cat or Tom Cruise!

So if you get a chance update your medical profile with a recent image just so that the first responders know they are dealing with the right person.



At the bottom of your medical profile page you can type in two messages.  One appears the first time someone accesses your medical information (called the public message) and the second is text that allows you to give detailed information once someone has logged in to the system (the private message).  Of course we can not see the private messages but think of this space as the place where you would want to tell a doctor all about yourself and your current and previous medical conditions.  Think about what you would say to a doctor if you were being treated and then imagine that you could not communicate this information verbally.  That's the information needed here.

The public message box can be as expressive or brief as you like.  Remember that this information can be seen, once tapped, by someone who has not logged in and therefore you may not know who they are.  For those that do not mind disclosing their condition you might want to inform a first responder very quickly, to save a little time.  One of the best public messages we have seen was as follows.

"I have epilepsy.  My seizures usually last for 5 minutes.  During this time please make sure that I am safe, my airways are clear and that my head is protected.  If the seizures last longer than five minutes please call an ambulance and then access my medical information and present this to the paramedics when they arrive."

Take some time to think about what you want to put in these two message boxes as this information could well be relevant to emergency personnel.

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