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Case studies - Tanya

We want to tell you about Tanya.  This lady lives in the north of England and has, in the last year, been diagnosed with epilepsy.  Tanya has three great children.  One of the children has a disability and regularly has visits from carers to take care of her needs.

On a Saturday in early February Tanya was in the bathroom when she suffered a seizure and collapsed on the bathroom floor.  Fortunately the carers were visiting their daughter and heard the thump upstairs.  They were able to break down the bathroom door to find Tanya.  Tanya's 8 year old daughter then tapped mum's wristband with a mobile phone.

Upon accessing the information a text message was sent to Tanya's husband.  He immediately called home to find out that his wife had had a seizure.  By the time he had returned home the paramedics had arrived and their daughter was showing the first responders her mobile phone with all of mum's medical information.  The paramedics were amazed at the information available to them and they had even heard of Tap2Tag.

Tanya's husband said that he was "Amazed at how much information cannot be recalled when under extreme stress.  I couldn't even remember our postcode".

This is exactly how Tap2Tag was designed to work.  Important family members were notified immediately and the information was available for the paramedics in double quick time.

Tanya was OK after a visit from the paramedics and all is well at home.

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