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Bristol Epilepsy Support Group

On 2 December 2014 we accepted an invitation from Helen Hodgson to attend the Bristol Epilepsy Support Group.  Helen is an Epilepsy Specialist/Sapphire Nurse at Southmead Hospital, Bristol and had been introduced to Tap2Tag by one of her patients.

This Christmas meeting was attended by around 20 people who were interested to hear about our products and we were given an extremely warm welcome...we even brought food!

These local support groups are an essential way in which people with epilepsy and their family can get together, socialise and discuss how living with epilepsy affects their lives.  In addition they have a great website at, which has some great articles and, rather unusually, podcasts that can be downloaded.

As far as the meeting went, well, no-one fell asleep.  We learned a lot and we think that those attending were impressed with our wristbands.

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