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Epilepsy Ireland Looking For Feedback

We have worked very closely with Epilepsy charities in the UK since we launched Tap2Tag back in May 2014.  Interest has spread across the Irish Sea and we having been discussing Tap2Tag with Epilepsy Ireland for a few months.  As a result the Irish charity has now launched a trial of Tap2Tag within the Republic of Ireland and are seeking volunteers.

Tap2Tag donated around 20 wristbands to the charity and these are being used in the trial.

Epilepsy Ireland said "We think the device could be a very useful alternative to the Epi-alert bracelet and other similar devices that have been on the market for some time. We're considering offering Tap2Tag as a membership benefit to all new members from 2015 (as an alternative to the free Epi-Alert or Safety pillow). But first we'd like to hear YOUR thoughts on the device."

If you are following us in Ireland and want to take part in the trial please check out the full article here.

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