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Epilepsy Weekend For All

Tap2Tag have been on the road again!  It is an important part of our mission to spread the word about the Tap2Tag Medical Alert system but also to gain an understanding of how Tap2Tag can be a direct benefit to individuals that may have need of some protection.  Since our launch in May 2014 we have been working closely with Epilepsy Action, slowly gaining an understanding of a condition that affects over 500,000 people in the UK.  We were very pleased to be invited as a quest to the 3rd Epilepsy Weekend For All event.

One of the key messages that speakers and attendees have focused on is the lack of confidence that epilepsy sufferers have when venturing out into the world.  The fear of a seizure at any time is always a worry and the fact that some individuals do not carry appropriate medical alert information can add to this concern.  Feedback from the attendees to Tap2Tag has been amazing and we have donated more than 40 wristbands to attendees in return for a donation to the charity.  We have collected over £60 so far.

One phrase that came out of the discussions was quite poignant.  Epilepsy is not a disability but living with it CAN be disabling.  It is not just about the effects of the condition upon your normal life but also the wider aspects that involve public perception and social stigma.

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